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Welcome to meBiblio’s documentation!

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meBiblio is a bibliography tool: allows easy search in your references and permits immediate retrieval and examination of literature items.

meBiblio 1.0 was rewritten from scratch in python, using SQLite as database engine and Qt/PyQt4 as GUI environment. The old version 0.4.x was written in php/mySQL.

What does meBiblio do?

  • Let’s you store informations about scientific articles
  • Helps you storing in a safe place, the PDF (or other) file of the article.
  • Helps you retrieve this informations
  • Promptly gives you the PDF of the article
  • Links you directly to the articles on the web via DOI or pubmed
  • Retrieves information from pubmed via MEDLINE.
  • Produces the references section of your manuscript, reading the output of LaTeX, dealing automatically with ordering the citation list (from first cited to last), removing multiple citations, as other tools like BibTeX.